Permanent exhibition

On 600 sq.m. the permanent exhibition presents Erika Fuchs‘ life and work and places her linguistic creations in relation to the general history of comics. The tour guides you through seven rooms.

History of comics

The tour through the museum starts with an introduction to the history of comics. A brief animated film explains the development of the art form of the comic and presents milestones and important creations.

Welcome to Duckburg

A walk-in “Duckburg” awaits you on an area of 130 sq.m.  Look over the shoulder of Gary Gearloose (Daniel Düsentrieb in German) in his inventor’s workshop, spend a holiday on Grandma Duck’s farm or take a bath in Uncle Scrooge’s money tub. An interactive town map points out interesting buildings and demonstrates parallels between Duckburg and the real environment of the town of Schwarzenbach. In filmed interviews, members of the D.O.N.A.L.D. organisation provide insights into the scientific exploration of Duckburg. Have a look into other comic worlds: how do the Gauls, roving reporters or trolls live?    

Erika Fuchs

The award-winning comic author Simon Schwartz tells the life of Erika Fuchs as a biographic comic strip. Floor-to-ceiling drawings illustrate episodes from a life that spanned almost a whole century.

Art of language

The largest room is dedicated to Erika Fuchs’ language art. Interactive stations invite you to playfully explore the language. What do alliteration, onomatopoeia and Erikativ mean? What kind of noise is generated by flutes, electric discharges or explosions? Who created which citation? Fill speech bubbles yourselves and award a medal for language performances. Original objects like Erika Fuchs’ typewriter, manuscripts, reading magnifier and the green notebook, where she collected ideas and idiosyncrasies, provide you with an insight into Erika Fuchs’ working method.

Homage to Erika Fuchs

Renowned German-speaking comic authors took one sentence of Erika Fuchs and developed own stories. Here you can see original drawings from Ulli Lust, Ralf König, Flix, Reinhard Kleist, Sarah Burrini, Nicolas Mahler, Aisha Franz and Martina Peters.


After having completed the tour, the library awaits you for reading or carry out detailed studies.

Collection Severin

Gerhard Severin’s collection forms the core of the museums. Before entering the permanent exhibition, a large showcase gives you an insight into the diversity of Duckburg.