Coming soon: But I live. Three Stories of Child Survivors of the Holocaust.

Abb.: „Thirteen Secrets“ von Gilad Seliktar, Rolf und Nico Kamp © University of Toronto Press, 2022

The Erika-Fuchs-Haus is very happy to announce the exhibition ‘But I live. Three Stories of Child Survivors of the Holocaust’, which will be on display from August 10th until November 17th 2024. The exhibition is based on the comic anthology with the same title – which is already available in our museum’s shop – and displays three comics, narrating the memories of Holocaust survivors. To create these comics, the artists Barbara Yelin, Miriam Libicki, and Gilad Seliktar collected the stories of contemporary witnesses in direct and long conversations. The exhibition will be available in German and English.
Save the date: On August 9th 2024 at 6 pm, the exhibition will open with Barbara Yelin.